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Smoke alarms save lives.

Without them in your home, your risk of death from a house fire is up to 3 times higher. In Queensland, about three-quarters of all home fire deaths happen in homes without smoke alarms — nearly half of all house fire deaths occur when people are sleeping. Photoelectric smoke alarms have to be used in QLD to comply with the new smoke alarm regulations.

Photoelectric smoke alarms are generally more effective than ionisation types because they ‘see’ the smoke by detecting visible particles of combustion. For this reason they are good at detecting smouldering fires and dense smoke, and are not as prone to false alarms (from cooking etc.).


There are two kins of photoelectric smoke alarms

  • 240-volt smoke alarms (also called ‘hard-wired smoke alarms’). These are connected to the house electrical system and have a battery back-up power supply
  • 10 year sealed Lithium battery with wireless interconnection. For more on smoke alarms and your obligation as a home owner please visit the Qld government’s website by clicking HERE

Our electricians can install new smoke alarms or test your existing smoke alarms are in good working order and replace or repair faulty smoke alarms.

To guarantee our work, all JBerg Electrical jobs are accompanied by a Safety Certificate of compliance.

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